2022-12-03 16:01:04Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MONIKA STAFA
Monika Stafa

People are most useful to each other precisely when each one of them struggles hard to be useful himself. The more each of us seeks his own benefit and strives to preserve it, the more he is endowed with virtue, in other words, the greater the power he has to act according to the principles of his nature and respond to it. the reason.

But in the multitude of daily life the will to be useful falls away; perhaps because of envy, intolerance, exclusion of the other, empty self-satisfaction, and the banishment of common sense by setting in motion a host of other lesser forces which in turn diminish man.

And the day of each one of us precisely from these causes begins and slowly becomes incomprehensible.

These expressions, which I listed above from the bottom of my mind, were not known once.

In the time of totalitarianism.

That system, like any other, had built new forms to seek the happiness of the individual; today there are certainly others. Indeed, today we live in freedom, but I am not wrong to say that we do not live in a freedom full of grace. And from here on to a democracy, as an ideology but also as a system.

This will only come when freedom as a mindset is controlled by a willing respect for laws and especially for unwritten laws. Can we?

At least it is certain that this belief in human nature found in almost all the philosophers of antiquity constitutes that difference between democracy and oligarchy, about which we talk day and night at our political tables, in the end the very difference between Athens and Sparta.

Every time there are clashes, wars, expulsions, massacres, genocides, extermination of ethnic groups or populations, one part of the globe fights and decreases in number, the other sits in front of it and meditates, reads and writes these lines for the rest.

Why is it always the same painting in history? And why do people not understand?

Të gjithë ata që lexojnë Tukididin e njohin atë si historianin më të thellë dhe më bindës të perandorisë, jo vetëm të epokës së tij, por edhe si një parashikues të saktë të epokave të mëvonshme. Në librin e tij “Epitafi i Perikliut”, ai nuk shprehte thjesht ambicjen e përshkrimit të ngjarjeve të një lufte, por ai donte t’i linte trashëgimi njerëzimit një pronë të përjetshme, në kuptimin më të thellë të cështjeve politike.

Epitafi- Fjala e Përmortshme, ishte vendosur më herët që të mbahej në Athinë për nder të të rënëve të Luftës së Peloponezit. Ai u mbajt nga fundi i vitit 431 para Krishtit. Tukididi shënoi trazirën e madhe me këtë libër por dhe simpatinë për të gjithë ata që e vlerësonin lirinë si virtyt.

Përkthimi i klasikëve të lashtë ka traditë të gjatë mes nesh. Ai merr vlerë sa herë risillet.

Therefore, the work of the Albanian translator of the work, Vangjel Dule, who very timidly admitted that his translation remains modest not only because of the change of new languages ??from ancient Greek but also because of the uniquely difficult syntax, seems to be valuable. and dense of Thucydides. Without excluding the panegyric tone of his speech.