16 historical curiosities about Independence

2022-11-28 17:06:37Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA LUTFI DERVISHI
16 historical curiosities about Independence

1- Albania's independence was achieved without firing a gun except for the cries of joy;

2- The raised flag belongs to the Vlora family and not sewn by Marigoja;

3- In some cities, the flag was raised before the assembly of Vlora;

4- Independence was planned to be declared in Durrës, but after Esati refused, Ismaili left for Vlora.

November 5- 28, the Serbs arrive in Durrës.

6- Isa Boletini arrived late in Vlorë due to the mud created by the autumn rains;

7- The photo of the raising of the Flag is not of November 28, 1912, but of the celebrations a year later;

8- The building where the photo was taken is not the house where Independence was declared;

9- The Declaration of Independence Act has been lost, what we see today was photographed by Kel Marubi in 1937 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the great day;

10- The word Independence is not mentioned in the telegram sent to the Great Powers and the High Gate!

11- The signatories of Independence were aware that Albania's borders would be determined later.

12- Most of the signatories of Independence had a tragic end.

13- A year later, the second Albanian government was created in Durrës with Esad Pasha;

14- A report of the international commission (of the six powers) emphasized that this country cannot be done unless both (Ismail Qemali, Esad Pasha) leave at the same time;

15- At the beginning of 1914, Ismail Qemali and Esat Toptani resign;

March 16, 1914 begins the 6-month reign of Prince Vid.