Women are killed because they are women! This is called femicide

2022-12-01 09:40:28Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ENVER ROBELLI

In a society where a woman's body is seen by a large part of men as a territory for bloody war, murder is, unfortunately, the expected consequence. In a society where violence and psychological terror against women are "kept" and "kept" within private "walls", murder comes as an inevitable cultural consequence.

Unavoidable because it is conditioned by the rotten system that starts from deficient education or favoring violence at home, at school, in society, in public life, in daily humiliating and contemptuous communication towards women who are not treated as human beings, but as a rag slave.

What has taken root as a primitive culture for centuries is unlikely to collapse in a short time, however desirable it may be. But criminals can be disabled from the craft of murder by creating spaces and institutions that protect women. By opening safe houses for women. By creating specialized police units for quick response to any threat against women.

Enabling women's equality in every sphere. By building a judicial system that takes every threat against women seriously. By de-tabooing violence against women. Discussing and speaking openly about the flaws, mistakes and lessons that should be learned as a society after every crime against women. The killing of women is not a family tragedy, but a tragedy for the whole society.

Killing women is not murder because of "problems" or "jealousy". Women are killed because they are women. This is called femicide. Kosovo needs an uprising against this specific and toxic violence against women. Yes, uprising because this violence has the potential to leave long-term and irreparable consequences for the whole society.