Kasander Noga's phone revealed the event / Data translated from French: Two death contracts were revealed in Tirana

2024-02-25 17:04:30Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Kasandër Noga

A sum of 100,000 euros was guaranteed by Casander Noga, to kill his hasm in Tirana, Geron Hasanbelliun.
But the order went from bad to worse.

After instead of hitting Hasanbelliu, the group contracted by Kasandër Noga, such as Kevin Zeneli alias Suçi and two other people from The Field-Kruja, have fired automatic barrages at members of a family, killing an innocent person Erion Çela and injuring 4 others.

The incident occurred on January 4, 2022 on don bosco street. Two years after this serious crime, the Tirana police and prosecution were able to get the crime out.

For the slaughter of this crime, the main role was the phone camera seized casander noga in Belgium, during the moment of his arrest, when he shot geron Hasanbelliu.

The data of this phone were obtained by the Belgian prosecution and sent to the Albanian authorities for examination, reports Ora News.

Due to the French-language conversations, it took a while for them to be translated by the Ministry of Justice and then made available to the Tirana prosecutor's office.

Through conversations, photos and videos, the Tirana Prosecutor's Office revealed that the organizer for the murder of Geron Hasanbelliu on the "Don Bosko" street in Tirana, was Kasandër Noga, who, against 100 thousand euros, signed a death contract with Kevin Suçi and two people from Fushë-Kruja, as yet unidentified.

Given this situation and analysis of the evidence, a few days ago the Tirana Prosecutor's Office asked Judge Migena Laska, to designate the security measure "arrest in prison" for Kevin Zenel, Roland Ahmetsulaj from Burreli who has a car service in Tirana.

The security measure has also been issued for the two brothers who remain in prison, Gentjan and Indrit Beqiraj, Ilir Feci and Kasandër Noga, who is in prison in Belgium.

The only person arrested during the action is Roland Ahmetsulaj, while other people have been communicated security measures in the prison's surroundings.

Kevin Steyn is still in search.

The same person is also charged with providing conditions to commit the murder, against two nephews of Geron Hasanbelliu who are active in the New Ring area in Tirana.

The sum for the murder of the two grandsons was 50,000 euros for each of them.