DETAILS from the DOUBLE life of Bledar Dedja, he was killed by the 17-year-old with whom he was having sex in the forest

2024-02-25 10:25:50Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Bledar Dedja

The Italian police have revealed the mysterious murder of 39-year-old Albanian Bledar Dedja , who was found dead next to his car on January 20.

According to the authorities, Dedja was stabbed to death by a 17-year-old man, with whom he had gone to perform paid sex in the forest area in Paderno del Grappa, Treviso.

The 39-year-old was stabbed at least 20 times by the teenager, one of which, the fatal one, was taken from behind, puncturing his lungs and causing him to bleed profusely.

On Friday morning, the police arrested the 17-year-old Italian, a resident of the municipality of Pieve del Grappa.

A double life

Dedja, married with two small children, according to the investigators, has continuously met women and young men for paid sex. On the cell phone, investigators found elements that would represent evidence of contact between Bledar and the 17-year-old perpetrator.

The two had communicated and let him meet on the very day Bledari was killed.

The boy, after beating to death the 39-year-old man, who was found 100 meters away from the car with his pants and underwear down, apparently got rid of the car keys as well as the knife with a blade at least 20 cm long, used in crime.

He also disappeared some clothes he was wearing that day, which were probably stained with blood.

First date

The first meeting between the 17-year-old and the Albanian took place about a year ago in Bledari's workplace during a period of exchange of experiences between school and work.

In that period, it is suspected that Bledari convinced the boy to start a sexual relationship in exchange for money.

One of the hypotheses that the prosecution is working on is that the 17-year-old may have wanted to end that relationship, but Bledari, known by the young people of the area, whom he also regularly frequented, did not accept and also tried to blackmail him.

For this reason, the 17-year-old allegedly showed up at the meeting with a knife and made the Albanian understand that he was not available for another relationship.

The debate has escalated into a physical conflict, as can be seen from the numerous superficial blows that the victim received and from the wounds on his hands, a sign that Bledari tried to defend himself.

At that moment, according to the prosecution's reconstruction, the Albanian got out of the car and was stabbed in the back.

Eventually, the 17-year-old left the crime scene on foot, but was caught walking by security cameras on the street./ CorriereDelVeneto