"I washed the walls with my blood"/ The wife of the 50-year-old who was killed by the children speaks: Why did the incident happen

2024-02-24 21:49:11Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Murder in Durres

The wife of Pëllumb Meta, the 50-year-old who was killed and buried in the hut near the apartment by his children in Shënvlash, Durrës, has spoken about the incident several times.

She stated for Euronews Albania that her deceased husband was very aggressive and had threatened the lives of the children and herself.

She said that physical and psychological violence caused the terrible event where the children organized a plan to kill their father.

"First I want to tell you that I am very burdened from a psychological point of view.

A very terrible thing has happened, it is something that has come as a result of physical and psychological violence. He was a very aggressive man, threats to the lives of me and my children. I only knew that violence in my family has been constantly present both for me and for my children" , she said.

The 50-year-old's wife said that she was not aware of the incident and at the time of the murder she was in the field planting alfalfa.

She said that when she returned, she was not worried about her husband's absence, as he worked as a guard and was absent at night at the apartment.

"I will say what I know. I was at home as I work in agriculture. On Saturday, I was planting alfalfa in the period when the incident happened. I left the house at lunch. When I returned, the children did not tell me. I am in a very difficult condition. I was not worried that day as my husband worked as a security guard and sometimes came on time, sometimes not. He moved constantly, he didn't have a specific schedule, he might not come two days in a row, he might come in the morning, or at 12 noon, since he was at work at night ," she said.

The woman said that because he was violent and armed, they all feared for their lives.

"The girls did not dare to go out the door alone once. Not even in the store, nowhere, just like me printed. There is no question of talking to the neighbors, always when they walked with their heads on the ground. They only went to school and home. Now with a man who abuses you and threatens your life, the children would undoubtedly be afraid too. He had a gun, since he worked as a guard, we were all afraid of him, so this job came to this. A man who is aggressive, violent, authoritarian and armed, it is normal to be afraid of him," she said.

The woman said that the father always made decisions and never agreed to communicate with the children, but for everything you told him I will kill you, I will burn you with gasoline.

"I never made a complaint that I was afraid of that one. He has always kept us oppressed, even the children didn't go to denounce him out of fear. He threatened me and if any of the children came to my side he told them he would kill and burn you all, he went straight to violence. With me it was daily. I don't know how many times I have washed the walls of the house with the blood of my head ," she said.