Just before he was killed by the children, Dove Meta drank the last coffee in the bar: I'm going to rest at home and I'll be back

2024-02-25 16:08:56Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Victim Dove Meta

The true motive of the murder of Dove Metë in Shënavlash, Durres, has not yet been revealed, while his wife in the investigation and the three children arrested, remain the motive of domestic violence and the decision to unwillingly betrothed the 19-year-old girl.

But the decision to be engaged unwillingly was rejected by the family who had shown interest in this krushqi. Even Blerina, the girl's mother, like the murdered father, had the same attitude about this possibility of engagement.

As in the testimony given to the police, and in an off-camera communication to Top Channel journalist Vali Qyrfyçi, the family that had thought about a krushe connection with the victim's family rejects the claim that Dove wanted to be engaged to the girl unwillingly.

Anjan, who was the reason to ask for Hygerta's hand for her husband's brother, says that Hygerta's father was a loving man and that he did not want to befriend his daughter because he wanted to continue the University.

Her husband also rejects the motive stated by the daughter of the Meta family and further reinforced by the statements of her mother and brothers, that it was the decision to be engaged unintentional, violence and the dictates of the father to decide on the fates of his children.

"I was surprised when the police who came to get the CCTV footage asked me if we had asked the girl for her brother-in-law. We have made it clear and everything is clear. We have nothing more to say about it. We see our work, our hessal and we don't even know the girl, she always moved by car," said her husband.

They last saw him on Saturday, February 10, the day of the murder.

"He was at the bar and left around 13:00 – 13.10. He said he didn't work that day, he wanted to rest. "I need some rest and I'm home," said The New Year.

As in the police and in direct communication with them, the main motive given as a cause for the crime collapses.