Today is Youth Day, what happened on December 8, 32 years ago

2022-12-08 07:37:40Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

National Youth Day is celebrated today. Since 2009, with a decision taken by the Parliament of Albania, this date is commemorated as a national holiday in honor of all the students of December 1990 and all Albanian youth.

On December 8, 1990, a group of students and lecturers of the Universities of Tirana became the initiators and protagonists of the great historical turning point, the peaceful protests that brought the fall of the communist system and the birth of democracy.

Organized, they marched from the 'Student City' towards the center of Tirana. They became the initiators of the great historical turning point of the country, standing up in protests that brought about the fall of the communist system and the arrival of democracy.

With the phrase "We love Albania like all of Europe", the young people asked for the establishment of the system of Western values ??and the rule of law; integration in Europe and guaranteeing political pluralism as the main basis for a free and democratic society. The Student Movement of 1990 is the only peaceful Movement that changed the history of Albania.

That night of December 8, their ranks had increased minute by minute and the crowd had reached up to 1,000 people.

The protests would continue for the next two days until the evening of December 11, when political pluralism was confirmed in the meeting with Ramzi Alina, which was announced immediately after returning from that meeting, starting the organization for the establishment of the Democratic Party.

The Student Movement would continue with organizations and protests in the first days of 1991 until the days of the hunger strike, culminating at noon on February 20, 1991, when the Students, supported by teachers and many citizens of Tirana, landed in Skënderbej Square, finally overthrew the communist dictatorship and bringing the Albanians the freedom they had been missing for almost half a century.