"As a child I was a bear"/ Gert Shehu "poet" with YouTube channel, verses against the system (VIDEO)

2022-12-07 21:12:22Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Gert Shehu

Doctor Sadik Lala and Gert Shehu's family have confirmed that the 31-year-old who hit Berisha suffered from mental health problems.

But, despite this, the Democratic Party claims that he was an agent of the criminal police and was paid by Prime Minister Edi Rama to carry out the attack on the democratic leader. He turns out to be a person with a criminal record for drugs and conflicts.

However, an observation shows that Gert Shehu also has a channel on You Tube. He has posted videos of his recitations there.

He has created verses against the system, religion, himself, girls, various phenomena, but often verses without any kind of meaning.

Below, some of the videos published by Gert Shehu.