Erzen Breçani reveals Berisha's order after being attacked

2022-12-07 22:50:00Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Erzen Brecani

Erzen Breçani, a former police officer, said in a television interview that Sali Berisha intervened so that Gert Shehu would not be beaten further by the crowd.

Breçani said that after he had intervened to take the aggressor out onto the sidewalk in order to get him away from the angry crowd, Berisha's own bodyguard had conveyed the latter's order for the 31-year-old to surrender to the police.

"After we took him out to the sidewalk from the crowd, Berisha's bodyguard came and said that the doctor ordered that we hand him over to the police and that he should not be touched again. I was walking and talking with him on the sidewalk. I am grateful to them for obeying me" , - said Breçani.