Asian workers blacklisted! They were refused visas after using Albania as a springboard to escape to the EU.

2024-04-21 19:55:19Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Asian employees in Albania

Asian employees appear to have been blacklisted by the Foreign Ministry, which refuses visas to stay and work in Albania.

Although there is no officially published order, foreigners from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka or India are no longer legally welcome to work in our country. Precedents set by previously recruited people who used Albania as a springboard to leave Europe and suddenly abandoned the workplace, not only did not solve the employment crisis due to immigration, but also influenced negative comments about the country of eagles, becoming a deterrence factor for all this ethnity.

The most damaged in these circumstances besides Albanian entrepreneurs still suffering for employees burned are employment agencies, who have spent considerable amounts of money on foreigners from developing countries in connection with the application for Albanian visas. Complaints to the Directorate of Consular Affairs at the Foreign Ministry are numerous, opposing the cancellation of visas for hundreds of bangladeshi or Nepal employees, but the responses they received say the decision to cancel is uncontrollable.

In emails obtained exclusively by Top Channel, the employment agencies insist on reviewing documentation of Asian employees that according to them are in compliance with the law "for foreigners", while listing the costs of application that amount to approximately 20 thousand new leks for one person, while an employment company applies for dozens of employees. The detail fees are 8,000 LE for the unique permit, 1.300 ALL for translation and notation of the trade certificate, legalization of the certificate 50 euros and the cost of mail for sending and receiving the contract of employment, as well as 50 euros. But the Foreign Ministry stresses that it negatively assesses the demand for reapplication with the argument that it is this category of employees that has stained Albania.

"Following the appeal of the refusal of visas of Bangladeshi citizens we wish to inform you that these citizens are potential categories of removal from the Albanian territory; problematic citizens, thus negatively affecting the image and efforts of our country for membership in the European Union", the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs said.

Sources for Top Channel suggest that the National Employment Agency and border police have also not allowed the renewal of visas of Asian employees who have more than one year of residence in Albania and are represented seriously at work. Visas for nepal or Bangladeshi workers who were granted visas for the new season but had not yet arrived were cancelled. /Top Channel