Name / Killed with a bullet in the head and buried in the woods, the real dependence of 27-year-old Albanian, part of the drug gang, are revealed

2024-04-21 18:13:10Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Reols Hysneli

New details have been revealed months after the macabre killing of young Albanian man, Reols Hysneli, in Germany.

According to Turkish media, after months of work, the investigative group was able to identify the perpetrators who shot the 27-year-old Albanian man in the head on November 25, 2023, who then wrapped him in aluminum fog and buried him in a forested area, in a village near Hamburg.

The gruesome execution was discovered by a couple who were taking a walk in the forested area where hot springs are located in the town of Kaltenkirchen, 27 kilometres from Hamburg. The couple, who saw a man lying on the ground, most of his body wrapped in aluminum foil, immediately alerted police.

As a result of fingerprint verification, it was discovered that the corpse belonged to Reols Hysneli, an Albanian national jailed for drug trafficking in Lübeck in 2023. A sale sheet of aluminum paper reols Hysneli was wrapped in was found at the scene. Despite searching about 100 police officers, the gun was not recovered.

While Hysnel's body was taken to the Forensic Medicine Morgue for an autopsy, two days after the event, Albanian citizen Qerim D., 17, who did not speak German, went to pinneberg Police Station with his lawyer and confessed to killing one person.

The fact that 17-year-old Qerim D. kept quiet about the details of the crime and that his lawyer was the same as ?lber's lawyer, Edmond and Ernest Domit, the leaders of the "Brothers Domi" group, which manages some of Germany's drug trafficking and circulates large figures of money, prompted police to deepen their investigation.

Police found that the bill of the seized aluminum paper at the scene belonged to a shop selling building materials in Wettersen and from the camera footage of the store received information that Ferhat K. and Selami C. had bought aluminum foil.