Forecast: Low temperatures and rainfall throughout the week

2024-04-21 18:04:18Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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For the week we expect our country is forecast to be affected by unstable atmospheric conditions due to the penetration of a deep area of low atmospheric pressure positioned over the Mediterranean Sea in the north of the African continent and one over the Appennin Peninsula.

On Monday, a temporary improvement in weather conditions is expected. The weather is forecast to be alternating with clearances and killings in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, the weather conditions are expected to worsen. The weather is expected to be killed by the intervals of clearance. The rainfall is expected to be followed by persistent rainfall with low intensity in the early hours of the day in most of the territory. From midday hours Along the Western Lowland rainfall is expected to be continuous with medium intensity in the form of thunderstorms accompanied by electric and locally hail sliding, in mountain reliefs over 800-1000m are expected low-intensity and locally average snowfall. By the afternoon hours, the intensity of rainfall drops.

Later in the days following, the weather is predicted to be with alternations of killing and clearances as well as low-intensity rainfall. Gradually rising temperatures are expected.

Forecast: Low temperatures and rainfall throughout the week
Forecast according to the Military Meteorological Service