The infiltrator in tirana municipality protest sentenced to 12 years in prison? Police: False and bad news

2024-04-21 19:42:28Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
State Police

After the publication on several portals that an indicted police officer during the protest in tirana municipality was previously sentenced to 12 years in prison for murder in Italy, the State Police reacted.

According to police, the news published in the media is untrue, as the effective E.Z is of 2000 birth. According to the police, when the event, which is spoken about on the portals, the effective was only 8 years old.

State Police Response:

In relation to a news published on some portals for a police officer, we explain the public opinion that after the verifications made, the published news is untrue.

E.F. Z. citizen, born 07.11.2000, became part of the structures of the State Police in January 2022, after finishing the course for General Patrol, at the College of Police, near the Security Academy.

The article published in Italian media refers to the event in 2008, and at that time the police officer, citizen E.F. Z., was 8 years old.

Such malicious and untrue publications, they undermine the image of the police officer and the Police Organization.

Directorate for Public Relations and Media