Weekend of youth activities and messages against acts of violence in Saranda

2024-04-21 19:52:25Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The weekend was full of activities for the youth of Saranda.

With youth focus, the activities began with the friendly volleyball championship for the youth of Saranda, Konispol, Delvina and Ksamil, where the winner of this championship is declared the representative team of The Saranda.

Beyond the great role played by sports activities in youth life, another very important element continues to be the awareness and education of young people on certain social issues such as violence in society.

Young people part of the project "7x7 – Preventing violence and youth crime through awareness and legal education among peers" implemented with the support of the National Youth Agency, established awareness-raising displays of gender-based violence, reinforcing the message that violence should be responded to.

The activities culminated with the festival "Rini 360 degrees", which took place in the city's pedonal, which was attended by the youth of saranda and surrounding municipalities, as well as many tourists who have populated Saranda yet without starting the tourist season.

Minister of State for Youth and Children Bora Muzhaqi urged young people to react immediately to the acts of violence committed against them or their peers. According to her, it is very important that acts of violence be reported to the appropriate instances for an effective solution based on law.