For two years she has been fighting for her life in France, Albanian teacher asks for help to return home

2024-02-25 22:02:37Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Teacher Ina Kasimati

Teacher Ina Kasimati has been in France for two years and has been living with equipment and probes for a long time.

Recently together with her family she has done for all those who can help, to secure 17 thousand euros for her to return home.

Consequently, its transport cannot be done except by medical charter. For all those who wish and can contribute to these very difficult and delicate moments for her and her family, can contribute to this link. (Click HERE)

Family message on GoFoundMe:

I am Ina Kasimati, many know me as the zysh, some as an activist, many others, as the man who is fighting hard for life. I have been in strasbourg, France, where I am being held with tubes and probes, and the return to Albania cannot be done by plane, but only by medical charter, as I cannot be separated from the equipment.

This charter costs 17,000 euorsh (seventeen thousand euros).

Now, after two years, I need you, my friends and friends, known and unknown. The monster disease in me has progressed, so much so that metastases have done their damage. My strongest faith all these years has been in God, and in you my friends, known and unknown, who two years ago gave me the opportunity to have hope and to fight more.

I ask to return to my Homeland, to my Vlora, and this wish of mine was supported by doctors, who declared that the best medicine for me is my family. My mind, my soul is optimistic, because I want to live, I love life.

I trust in the power of your solidarity, so that together with my son, Amanti, who has been my greatest strength of every day, we come to Albania safely. This return must be done within 10 days. I ask you to thank you once again to help me come to My Country.

God bless you!