"It's a women's business, talk to the woman," the testimony of the woman who asked The Dove for Hygerta's hand

2024-02-25 18:04:49Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Hygerta Meta/ Dove Meta

Another testimony from the family that had shown interest in the dove with Dove Meta the father killed by 3 children. The next testimonial has again rejected the scenario that he wanted to engaged his daughter unintentionally.

Anxheni, the woman who was the reason to ask for Hygerta's hand for her husband's brother, says that Hygerta's father was a loving man and that he did not want to be engaged to his daughter because he wanted to attend university. He said, "This is a woman's job. Go talk to your wife."

"He had the light of his eyes. He did everything for him. He loved his children, his family. Every day he sent his daughter to Durres in his car to take the bus and go to Tirana because she was a student of foreign languages. Knowing and creating respect for him, that he came to the bar every day, about 4 months ago or something more, I told him to get engaged to my brother-in-law who lives in Italy.

He told me that the girl had started foreign language school in Tirana and it wasn't a job. But he didn't cut me short, but he said, 'These are women's jobs. "Talk to your wife." I went and received a very good reception, but she said the same thing and she closed the job. That's it," is Enhen's testimony, according to the file leaked by TCH.

The version of the murder was taken down by the engagement was also dropped by the family where the 19-year-old girl was thought to be engaged. Questioned by police, they claimed that despite their desire to connect the krushqi with the Meta family, the father of the daughter Dove Meta had made it clear to them that the krusha could not be done because the girl would continue school and there were no plans to get engaged.

"In the interest of the investigation, statements were received and the citizens O. Q., R. Q., E. Q. where the citizen E.Q. stated that she had a desire to connect the krush with the victim's family but that the latter did not consent as the girl would continue school and had no plans to be engaged," the investigation file says.