The Minister of Finance reveals how much the salary increase for teachers will be!

2024-04-12 14:36:12Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ervin Mete

The education sector will have the greatest support in terms of salary increases that will follow during this budget year from the Albanian Government.

The Minister of Finance, Ervin Mete , stated today during a meeting on financial education for young people within the Global Money Week, that teachers' salaries will increase from 35% to 60% within two years.

"With the salary increase that will take place in June, the education sector receives the greatest support from all other sectors, with nearly 110 million euros going only to salaries in the education system. The cumulative increase in the last 2 years alone ranges from 35% to 60% for teachers. Of course, this translates into a better quality education, which is an investment for us in the human capital of young people and the future citizens of Albania," said Minister Mete.

He also touched on the government's newest initiative, that of easing the salary tax for some categories, which include young people who are employed as well as parents of children under the age of 18.

"What we are discussing, and now we are in a good economic moment to translate it into redistribution and increased welfare for citizens, is to have two targeted reliefs for young people and children, which means, if a young up to the age of 29 will be employed, we will allow them to have age-only tax relief to encourage their employment, as well as special child tax relief in guardianship under the age of 18, because of course someone who receives income and has 1 or two dependent children is not in the same position as someone who receives that income and has no dependent children," he said more to the ministry. 

He urged the young people to be more informed about finances, as he said that for this purpose they are also working with the Ministry of Education, the Bank of Albania, the AMF and the operators of the financial system, such as banks or insurance companies, for a Strategy National Institute of Financial Education.