The work of SPAK, the US Embassy in Tirana reacts: We are proud to support the commitment of the Special Prosecutor's Office

2024-04-12 12:01:51Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The head of the Special Prosecutor's Office, Altin Dumani, in his speech before the National Council for European Integration (KKIE) addressed the problems faced by the Special Prosecutor's Office.

After this statement, the US Embassy in Tirana also reacted, expressing its support for the Special Prosecutor's Office.

"Prosecutors of the Special Structure Against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) recently participated in a seminar organized by the US Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training (OPDAT).

The SPAK team discussed achievements and strategies to improve teamwork, coordinate their efforts and increase results in the fight against corruption and organized crime.

We are proud to support SPAK's commitment to integrity and fairness. The United States stands by Albania's justice institutions in their fight against corruption, organized crime, and impunity, reinforcing our enduring commitment to a justice system that Albanians love and deserve," the US Embassy writes.