"We need to increase the number of BKH investigators", Dumani-Kuvendi: We need legal advisors for prosecutors!

2024-04-12 12:01:51Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Altin Dumani

The head of the Special Prosecution, Altin Dumani , is reporting Friday morning to the National Council for European Integration, about the progress of the Special Structure during 2023.

During his speech, Duman listed several achievements of the institution he leads, but also the problems SPAK is currently facing.

The focus of the Special Prosecutor's Office, as Dumani said, remains the reduction of the remaining cases.

"SPAK will prepare a special strategy for this aspect. Another recommendation was the preparation of a communication strategy with the public, which is being worked on thanks to the help of international experts..."

Duman expects the Assembly to provide a solution to the lack of determination of the legal status for the special prosecutors after the mandate of the prosecutor ends.

"As well as the lack of legal advisors. SPAK represents cases in three levels of judgment, and from time to time in the Constitutional Court. Having legal advisors would help a lot in their preparation as well."

Another problem listed was the drop in referrals from public institutions. More specifically, referrals and reports have dropped by 40%, with the exception of the State Police.

Meanwhile, the possibility of increasing the members of the BKH is also being seen.