'They hit me with shovels and kicks'/ The father and two sons barbarically raped the elderly woman in Librazhd (Video)

2023-03-24 14:34:32Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

A serious incident happened at noon today in the city of Librazhd, the conflict over water ended in physical violence. Violeta Muçaku from Xhyra was brutally raped by Agim Facja and his two sons.

She tells the media that they hit her with a shovel and kicked her in the stomach. According to her, the fight happened because of drinking water.

"We went because he took our water. beat me I fell with a shovel and a kick in the stomach", said the elderly woman.

The police interrogated the victim, while they are working on the full disclosure of the incident.