"It was a poorly thought-out murder", the journalist: Why I am convinced that Liridona was killed for money, Naimi always wanted to stand out

2023-12-06 16:07:01Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Naim Murseli and Liridona

Journalist Sokol Bregu said in an interview with journalist Sidorela Gjoni in Euronews Albania that the reason for the murder of Liridona Murseli was most likely for money.

According to him, if it was a story of betrayal, the reaction would be instantaneous, while in this case we are dealing with a badly thought-out murder, where many traces were left.

"A story of betrayal would be a momentary reaction. Jealousy arises on the spot and an aggravation is created immediately. Is the history of an insurance? It is more likely in a concrete case, knowing the rich lifestyle and recent lack. But it was a poorly thought-out murder, if it was a long-thought-out story, it would have found a professional executioner, it would not have included the fellow who was not an expert and left an endless trail. The Kosovo Code has a penalty of 10 years to life imprisonment, Albania has it from 35 years to life imprisonment, so Kosovo has a lighter penal code.

Why am I convinced that everything is about money? That at this moment Naimi was not able to militate politically, he always sought to stand out by associating with well-known characters. If it has something to do with his homosexuality, it would be easier for him to get a divorce in a country like Sweden, which is a modern and social state and where he could benefit ," said the journalist.

It has been widely discussed whether Murseli could have had a relationship with a person of the same sex, a reason that, according to the journalist, could not exist in a modern society where they lived, such as Sweden.

"They had problems as a couple, but to bring up today that these problems stem from such a big secret, I don't believe these secrets. I have heard all the sentences, if it is about the person's homosexuality, if it is possible to be that, then they live in a modern society like Sweden. He would have it even better if he was like that. He got a divorce and there would be an even bigger promotion in a society like Sweden, where these people get help all the time. Sweden is one of the most modern and social countries in the world, so there would be no problems. Even if there were problems with his friends for a homosexual relationship, I don't find it to be so problematic ," said Bregu.