Cyber ​​attack from Iran, Microsoft and FBI investigation ends: Only 10% of systems were compromised

2022-09-26 17:41:34Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The Microsoft DART (Detection and Response Team) and the FBI's Cyber ??Crime Investigation Team (Cyber ??Action Team) have published the final report made after the investigation into the cyber attack on our country by Iran.

According to the report, the conclusion was drawn that Albania resisted the cyber attack and that the information in the country's systems are safe. The hackers have failed to achieve the ultimate goal of deleting the data of Albanian citizens from e-Albania.

"The report clearly showed that despite the effort and sophistication of the attack, the attackers' goal of wiping all government systems and their data was not achieved. backup and recovery from the disaster, within the first week. The document specified that after the analysis carried out on the methodology used, despite the different mechanisms, the targets of attacks by the same actors have also been Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkey ." the report says.

Based on these investigations, the conclusion has been reached that: May 21, 2021, is the first date of
hacker infiltration, using vulnerabilities in the system. 

The report states that the July 15 attack and the September 9 attack are different attacks, the vectors used and their duration are also different.

Below is the full report:

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