NAME / The opposition chooses the candidate for the Mayor of Himara, an ardent supporter of Beler with American citizenship

2024-07-10 16:44:24Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Petro Gjikuria

The opposition candidate for Himara Municipality will be Petro Gjikuria, an Albanian-American citizen.

Petro Gjikuria lives in Washington and is part of the "Panepirote Federation of America".

He is an ardent supporter of the Beleri case, and as he has stated, he supports the rights of the Greek minority in Albania.

Gjikuria will run against Vangjel Tavos from the Socialist Party on August 4. The partial elections of Himara take place after the declaration of invalidity of the mandate of Fredi Beleri, who has been sentenced to prison for election corruption.