The African heat is coming, here are the four days when the thermometer is expected to reach 44 degrees Celsius

2024-07-10 14:56:03Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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Another African heat wave has engulfed our country, raising the thermometer to over 40 degrees Celsius.

According to the Military Meteorological Service, this situation will last until the middle of next week with temperatures of 43 or 44 degrees Celsius.

"Air masses originating from the north of Africa have covered most of the Balkans, bringing high temperatures that are several degrees above the monthly average. These air masses have already included our country, bringing high temperatures.

Yesterday, 40 degrees Celsius was recorded in the city of Elbasan. For today, we expect an increase in temperatures, mainly in the afternoon, which are expected to go to low areas up to 42 degrees Celsius. These air masses will be present in our country until the middle of next week, bringing us an increase in temperatures at their peak, which are expected to reach on Monday and Tuesday, where in the low areas the thermometer will reach 43, 44 degrees Celsius. , said Besa Sherollari, from the Military Meteorological Service.