The identity of the AFF employee who is accused of raping the hotel employee in Germany is revealed

2024-07-10 14:52:17Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The incident that took place in the sports center where the Albanian national team was gathered in Germany is getting whiter and whiter as the day goes by.

Everything happened after a service worker reported to the police that she was sexually harassed by a member of the Albanian national team staff.

It is about Orgest Tujanin, assistant storekeeper of the Albanian Football Federation.

After the report to the police, the German authorities are carrying out all the appropriate legal and procedural actions to deal with the case.

But from the preliminary data it is learned that the cleaning worker initially took Tujani as a football player of the Albanian representative, it seems that she gave signs of getting closer. But then when he learned the truth, he behaved coldly, but it seems that the FSF employee continued with his insistence to create a surprising relationship with the employee. Which then sent the case to the Unna city police.

As reported by the German newspaper BILD, the hotel cleaner of the Kaiserau sports school in Kamen notified the police on June 23.

The young woman told the police commissioners in Unna (North Rhine-Westphalia) that the Albanian had forced her into the kitchen, kissed her and sexually abused her.

According to Bild, the spokeswoman for the prosecution that is investigating the incident said that at the moment there is no request for an arrest warrant has not been submitted.

"The care of the employee and the protection of her personal rights have the main priority", said a spokeswoman for "SportCentrum Kaiserau". After the incident became known, the deputy storekeeper of the AFL was immediately suspended by the Albanian Football Federation.