Fault in the line/ Even Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina remain without electricity

2024-06-21 13:21:59Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Almost all of Montenegro has been left without electricity due to grid outages, the Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System (CEDIS) announced.

CEDIS said the power was interrupted due to an outage in the Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System (CGES) network.

Of all the cities, only Pljevlja and Zhabljak have electricity.

As regional media reports, most of Dalmatia and a significant part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Sarajevo, Zenica and Banja Luka, are without electricity.

"Slobodna Dalmacija" writes that Split, Sibenik, Omiš, Makarska, Dubrovnik, Zadar and many Croatian islands have been left without electricity.