Naim Murseli's father reveals the last conversation with Liridona, talks about his son's life of luxury

2023-12-11 21:09:40Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Liridona Ademaj, Naim and Shaban Murseli

Shaban Murseli, the father of Naim Murseli, the suspect in the murder of his wife Liridona Ademajt, in an interview for "Jetë Shqiptare" on RTSH, has revealed new details about the incident.

While confirming the meeting with his son in prison, Shaban Murseli rejected the allusions on Naim's unbridled life.

Among other things, Shaban Murseli also rejected the hints that his son may have had financial problems. Murseli said that Naim had no debt and that he lived in a modern house in Sweden. Likewise, Shaban Murseli stated that he was not aware of the marital problems between the late Liridona and Naim Murseli.

There were no financial problems?

Naimi has worked, I don't know anyone more hardworking than Naimi. Naimi has been working since he was 14 years old. There are no debts.

Has he expressed dissatisfaction with Liridona?

Never in my life have I known of any problem. Neither Liridona nor Naimi have told me anything like that.

Your relationship with the bride?

The last conversation was on November 28. I joked with him, I sent a picture of Albin Kurti congratulating him on November 28. He laughed. We had very good relations.

The relationship with the killers, just acquaintances, or closer?

I have a sister with Kushtrimin. I don't know that there was recognition. The prosecution disclosed them. Kushtrimin is the nephew.

What reaction did Kushtrimi have when he found out about the event?

I have traveled over 35 hours, shocked, tired. The only information I learned from the media. I also gave a statement from the cemetery.

People here were more informed. I have not had any information. Naimi was arrested in the yard and I didn't know anything.

When they raided Naim's room, they informed me.

Naimi's wild life, contacts with very famous people. What do you say about the statements made recently that he was not very family-oriented?

As for Naim's life, his life has never known what gambling is. He also hates the fact that he talks about the same gender.

I don't drink coffee or alcohol. As for the photographs, it is not true that I hear those statements. Everyone had respect for Naim until this incident happened. We were at the hotel when Rita Ora's father called her.

He was a kind boy, Dua Lipa and Rita Ora also knew him. After the tragedy, people turned their backs on him.

How was your relationship with Liridona's family?

We have been friends with Liridona's family for 50 years. We are not known among the Liridonas of Naim, but we have family ties. Liridona's family, even if I'm flat out, is wonderful.