The murder of Liridona, the journalist from Sweden: The couple had loans and debts here, they did not have much income from the business

2023-12-11 20:37:10Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Liridona Ademaj and Naim Murseli

The murder of Liridona Ademaj shocked public opinion, as the victim's husband is among those arrested for this event.

Naim Murseli is accused of ordering the murder of Liridona. It has been hinted in the media that the cause was a life insurance that the victim had in Sweden, as he had Swedish citizenship.

It is also alluded to an extramarital affair of Naim, of which it is said that Liridona was aware.

As the event is covered with question marks and the Kosovo police investigations are awaited, journalist Ervin Dushi has shared details from the couple's life in Sweden.

In a live link on Vizion Plus, the journalist said that the Murseli couple in Sweden had several loans and debts. Regarding life insurance, he said that only VIPs can avail premium insurance.

Dushi: The Murseli family has a business that has been inactive for the last two years. It's a business in the construction field, but it didn't have any big income before either. If we refer to the year 2020, both Liridona and Naimi have an income of around 300,000 kroner, i.e. around 30,000 euros per year. In a consultation I had with the insurance agencies, I received an answer that only those who are VIPs receive more than 1 million. And only those people who meet certain conditions get VIP insurance. The others can go for a maximum of 590-800 thousand euros, but let's not forget that they are divided into two and have 32% taxes.

The family has had many debts here, they have unpaid loans, personal loans, business loans. If we look at them, there are 3. He did not have a wild life as presented, I refer to the letters, not the rumors. According to the documents, they have debts there, their business is a neighborhood cafe, a small cafe in the city. Liridona managed the cleaning company and the cafe. While the gentleman, Naimi, is not known for being very active, but is presented as part of politics.

Is there information about any possible reflection of income, property in the state of Kosovo?

Shower: Sweden has something that doesn't walk on muddy water. They are waiting for the investigations, so they are waiting for the closure of the investigations. Currently, the name of Naim Murseli has not been written in the media. The family of Liridona Ademaj is arrested, it is not said that her husband has been arrested.

For the case, Naim Murseli and Granit Plava, who is accused of shooting Liridona against the 30 thousand euros paid by Murseli, were arrested. Kushtrim Kokalla and Tomë Doda, who are accused of being involved in the event, were also arrested.