Lawyer: SPAK deals with "small fish", not with high officials

2022-12-03 09:58:54Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Lawyer Sokol Hazizaj in a "Skype" connection with "Informative Radar" on ABC of journalist Juli Xhokaxhi, spoke about the election of the new head of SPAK, and the statement made by the US ambassador to our country, Yuri Kim.

Hazizaj said that the international intervention comes as they seek to protect the institution that they themselves have financed and built.

Meanwhile, Hazizaj emphasized that SPAK has deviated from the objective for which it was created, according to him SKAP has dealt with "small fish" and not with high officials.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Mr. Hazizaj until December 19 is the deadline when the mandate of the head of SPAK ends. It seems like a regular process, what does the occasional message mean to you?

Hazizaj: We must be honest with ourselves and others that the SPAK regulated by law due to the 2016 reform, the prosecution and the court is a pro-American investment, approved by the Parliament of Albania, with the basic task referring to corruption, which at the moment is at high levels. Under these conditions, being their investment, it has drawn their attention to the seriousness of these institutions. Giving importance to the leader of SPAK is nothing more and nothing less, but it shows the Albanian society that this is our investment and we will protect it. This is one view that international institutions are showing to make this body an institution. But the way this institution was chosen, having reservations about it in the sense of the right, since they do not give the right, but this depends on the objective of the international institutions, which have their own objectives in relation to Albania. They give due attention to the creation of a body that has so far not given any visible results, diverting direction.

In what sense?

Hazizaj: It did not deal with what it was created for. This body should have senior public officials in its facility. This body deals with small fish that have neither administrative power nor potency to format legal acts.

Are you referring to the case of the incinerators?

Hazizaj: All cases. I don't know how corrupt the incinerator process is. I know that the range of subjects that have been banned, escorted,. Arrested, judged by this Court are not the range of entities that are responsible, nor the number of entities that have political power. Therefore, I find a conflict between the attention that international institutions have.