"At Inter, they used to tear me apart for everything", the former black footballer explodes against his former team!

2023-10-02 12:05:19Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Raja Naingolan is back again to talk about his experience in zikaltri and the tones have not been softened.

" When I played at Roma, my life changed: I had everything I needed to be happy. We had a strong team, I made money, the fans adored me, I had a city where I could have fun. And they didn't bother me, they told me I could do whatever I wanted off the field as long as I gave my best when I played.

In Rome I found my dimension, then I went to Inter and there they ripped me off about everything, from the club to the fans. I didn't feel calm at all", were the words of the Belgian in his interview for " Corriere dello Sport ".