VIDEO/ The goalkeeper loses consciousness in the match, the challenge is interrupted

2023-10-01 14:29:51Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Etienne Vaessen

Good news from the hospital for goalkeeper Etienne Vaessen. The goalkeeper of Valvijk, who lost consciousness against Ajax, has improved his health, reacting. According to the Dutch club, the 28-year-old does not remember anything from that collision with the opponent, however, he is now out of danger for his life. The quick intervention of doctors on the field of play has served Vaessen's condition well.

"We are extremely shocked by the accident suffered by our goalkeeper. The problem is not related to the heart, but mainly to the blow received by Brobbey in the head, knee or foot, which led to Etienne's fainting", explained one of the officials of the Waalwijk club to the media.

Ajax was leading until the moment of this event with the numbers 3-2 to be interrupted afterwards and not restarted.