Everyone expected CR7, but Conceicao jr. saves Portugal who wins by overthrowing the Czech Republic

2024-06-18 23:09:22Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Portugal suffers, but wins and defeats the Czech Republic with an upset

Portugal Conceicaon and beat the Czech Republic 2-1. This time it's not Sergio, but Francisco - the son of the former Portuguese winger who steps in, scores and gives coach Roberto Martinez the three points.

In the first half, Portugal dictated the pace and the opponent in every aspect, but the goal proved to be mission impossible, while the best moment was from Cristiano Ronaldo in the 33rd minute, but the Al-Nassr striker could not find the net .

The 39-year-old ignited the second half with a free-kick in the 58th minute, but Stanek controlled everything as the Czechs sprung a surprise in the 62nd minute. Provod scored one of the best goals of the first round, with the 27-year-old shocking the Portuguese with a shot from distance, converting Coufal's pass and beating goalkeeper Costa.

However, the advantage and the celebration of the Czech Republic lasted a little, as in the 69th minute Stanek made a mistake on the way out and Hranac sent the ball into his own goal with Nuno Mendes in the lead.

A goal and moment that set the Portuguese in motion, with Martinez's team constantly threatening Stanek's goal, as ten minutes from the end Soucek went close to the goal and threatened Costa's goal.

Portugal took the lead in the 87th minute when Diogo Jota took advantage of the chaos and rattled the Czechs' net, but the striker's goal was eventually disallowed after Ronaldo was previously offside.

However, the winning goal was delayed, but not missed, and Francisco Conceicao became the hero, with the 21-year-old finding the net in the first touch and giving the Portuguese victory in a very difficult match.

Now, Portugal is positioned in second place with three points, the same as Turkey, while the Czech Republic is positioned in third place, with no points, just like Georgia.