Perisic: Who loses tomorrow with 99% closes the European journey. Albania's strongest player is...

2024-06-18 21:16:28Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ivan Perisic

Ivan Perisic, the player of the Croatian national team, in an interview for TV Klan on the eve of the match with Albania, pointed out that whoever loses tomorrow ends the European journey.

Alban Xjihani: The first time he plays against Albania. I think he knows some of the national team players.

Ivan Perisic: I played with Manaj at Inter, I know all those who played in Italy and England. It is a strong, young team that wants to do something important.

Alban Xjihani: How do you see this match, because it is a final match both for you and for Albania?

Ivan Perisic: In this match, only victory counts. If a team loses tomorrow 99% has completed the journey. We have to go into the match well. We have to do better than the match against Spain. Let's play our game and see if we do anything important.

Alban Xhihani : Will Perisic play tomorrow?

Ivan Perisic: Let's see, it's a secret.

Alban Xhihani: If you play on the left side tomorrow, do you know who the opponent is?

Ivan Perisic: We have seen many matches, we are ready. I can't wait to get on the pitch tomorrow and play Croatia.

Alban Xjihani: Who is the most important player of Albania in your opinion?

Ivan Perisic: Team! He did well in the qualifiers, you did well as a team, you are strong. But we are also Croatia and let's see who will win.

Alban Xhihani: Something for the supporters, who are on the streets of Hamburg, who stand together, sing, drink together.

Ivan Perisic: It will be a nice atmosphere because we know that there are many Croatians living in Germany and also many Albanians.