UEFA fines the AFL for incidents caused by fans during the match with Italy, here's how much we have to pay

2024-06-18 20:43:11Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Italy - Albania / Euro 2024

The UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Commission has decided to fine the Albanian Football Federation in the amount of 37,375 euros due to the incidents that occurred during the first round match in the finals of the European Championship "Germany 2024" against Italy, played at the Dortmund stadium on June 15, 2024.

The financial penalty came from the problem caused by some Albanian fans, who lit flares during the match, threw objects on the field, broadcast inappropriate messages in this major sporting event for our national team, as well as for the interruption of the match by a fan during the half. the second of the game.

The Football Federation takes the opportunity to appeal to all Albanian fans to be more responsible and avoid the creation of these totally avoidable incidents and riots, which can bring financial penalties and damage the image of Albania and Albanian football. Also, the AFL informs Albanian fans that messages of a non-sporting nature (political, ethnic, etc.) are not allowed during matches.

The AFL invites fans and football fans to support the Albanian National Team in this magical and historic journey to EURO 2024, showing citizenship and responsibility through correct behavior and respecting the rules and opponents.

The full decisions of the UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee:

To fine the Albanian Football Federation with 10,000 euros for lighting fireworks.

To fine the Albanian Football Federation with 12,375 euros for throwing things.

To fine the Albanian Football Federation with 5000 euros for occupying the field.

To fine the Albanian Football Federation with 10,000 euros for broadcasting inappropriate messages for a sports event.

The above fines in the total amount of €37,375 must be paid into UEFA's bank account within 90 days from the communication of this decision.