Habit journalist from Kosovo: Tomorrow I'm with Croatia! I don't understand the Kosovars who spend money and tear the gurmaz for Albania

2024-06-18 21:10:54Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ron Gjinovci

The journalist from Kosovo, Rron Gjinovci, was surprised with his statement, as he said that he is more enthusiastic about Croatia than Albania, before tomorrow's meeting in the framework of "Euro 2024".

According to Gjinovci, Croatia does more for Kosovo than Albania.

"I am more enthusiastic about Croatia tomorrow than about Albania, for purely political reasons. Croatia does more for us than Albania. I have a Croatian grandmother, I have an additional reason. Croatia sells us weapons, actively fights Serbia, unlike Albania, which supports Serbia. It is the first country [Albania] that imposed sanctions on us", he said in the show "Konfront".

"I don't understand the Kosovars who go spend money and tear the wall for Albania", he added further.

Croatia and Albania meet tomorrow in Hamburg in the second match of Group B. Croatia was defeated by Spain, while Albania was defeated by Italy in the first matches.