Dalic: Albania has a good team, but Croatia must play Croatia

2024-06-18 22:29:07Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Zlatko Dalic

Croatia will take to the field of play this Wednesday in Hamburg against Albania in the second match of Group B.

After the 3-0 loss against Spain, Croatia looks ahead to perhaps the "last train" to hope for qualification, as Sylvinho's "reds" are in front of them, who also lost in the first meeting.

At the press conference, before the meeting with Albania, Zlatko Dalic emphasized that the match against Spain was not a good card, but the coach showed that they hope for victory as they have the qualities and deserve more respect.

"For Spain, it was not a pretty card to watch, but we are always a team that no one believed, we were not started or counted as favorites. This has happened in the last six years. I always say we deserve more respect and for that I base it on results. We have now put the first game behind us and we are looking forward to the next meeting, as we have quality and we believe in success" , said the coach first.

Afterwards, Dalic left open the possibility that there will be changes in the formation, while he praised Albania, but stressed that Croatia should do Croatia.

"The formation is there, I can change something, but I will see. Albania? We have to fight, be in the game every second and play our game. Against a good team like Albania, we should not waste time forcing the opponent, but do what we do best. Patience will be the key to this challenge. We all believe in victory" , said Dalic.