Rama today in Milan: we will welcome the Albanians in a bigger sports palace than in Athens

2024-05-26 08:57:48Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Maria Piantanida Sports Palace

The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, will continue his tour with the diaspora in Milan, Italy, which will be held today at 11:00.

The Maria Piantanida sports palace in the town of Vareze, near Milan, has been selected to hold the meeting of Prime Minister Edi Rama, as part of the "Proud of Albania" tour.

In a post on social networks, Prime Minister Rama says that this sports palace will be bigger than the one in Athens, with the hope that no one will be left without a place, as happened in Greece.

"Good morning and from Rinas, where we are leaving for the second red and black dance in Europe, with the Albanians of Italy that, according to their request, we will welcome them in a sports palace even bigger than in Athens, with the hope that no one will be left behind without finding a place, as unfortunately happened to us in Greece, I wish you all a nice Sunday."

The meeting will also have its side of the spectacle, where apart from Noizi who will accompany the Prime Minister's tour as in Athens, Alban Skënderaj, the singer who has divided part of his life between Albania and Italy, will also perform.

Unlike Athens, the part of the speeches has also been planned, in the Maria Piantanida sports arena, the participants will be addressed only by Prime Minister Rama and there will be no other socialist exponents who will greet the Albanians present.

The next meetings will be with the Albanians of London and Dusseldorf, the latter will close the "Proud of Albania" tour.