Rama, a slap to Athens: You Albanians of Italy did not change their names, as they forced them of Greece, a stain on the history of Europe

2024-05-26 13:36:02Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Rama in Milan

From the sports palace "E-work Arena" in Milan, Prime Minister Edi Rama told the Albanians of Italy that they were not forced to change their names as their compatriots were forced in Greece.

Prime Minister Rama has called Greece's action a stain of shame in the history of democratic Europe.

Edi Rama: "E stato un albanese", surely all of them remember this alarm bell. "E stato un albanese", was the slogan that lowered the head of Albanians in every environment, where the Albanian had to forget being Albanian to be accepted as an ordinary person and where the Albanian in search of a new life felt like a person in search for the only fault, which was an Albanian. For the collision of two cars, the newspapers wrote "e stato un albanese", a murder was committed, the tele-newspapers began "e stato un albanese".

I heard it with my own ears. The journalist with microphone in hand and police lights reported that there are doubts that the author was an Albanian, the unknown killer was Albanian. This was the Albanian in the Italian mirrors of those years where we appeared as an outsider, naked except for the dream of a paradise of freedom. Albania in the eyes of Italy was like a TV screen when the lights go out. Italy generously opened the door to the Albanians, but the Italian governments also treated Albania like no other.

We Albanians are responsible for the progress and the future of the inhabitants of this continent, when the states of Europe either succeed, or remain in a Europe that is challenged like never before. Germany called it reunification and came out on top suddenly and demanded that the East Germans be accommodated in a protracted process. The EU had to drag on for decades with the so-called enlargement until Russia appeared, making Europe finally start to realize that it should be reunited, not enlarged at the tortoise's pace through the channels of bureaucracy.

You Albanians of Italy did not change your names, as tragically happened to your brothers and sisters of Greece for a reason, a body stain in the history of democratic Europe, but there were not a few cases when you voluntarily undertook this change of identity that it the solution to the bell "e stato un albanese" or a light that was reborn as Lucia, but perhaps the formula of recognizing Italy, combined with hiding the traces of being Albanian, explains the self-transforming power that made hundreds of Albanians adapt.