Rama from Milan: The Albanians of Italy, a symbol of reunification with Europe

2024-05-26 13:26:56Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Rama in Milan

As part of the "Proud of Albania" tour, Prime Minister Edi Rama met with Italian Albanians at the "E-work Arena" sports palace in Milan. During his speech, Prime Minister Rama said that Italian Albanians are the epitome of reunification with Europe.

"Dear Albanian brothers and sisters of Italy. I am deeply touched by your hospitality. I want you to know that I was extremely moved by the hot wave of many Albanians who wrote to me all these days to visit them and where they are in the 4 corners of Italy. Many thanks to all. Many, many others are far away in other cities of this friendly country.

Endless gratitude. A hug to everyone where they are from this wonderful arena where the red and black flags and the 3 Italian colors testify to the eternal bond between 2 peoples that have united a whole sea of ??history in this basin where the spirit of the Mediterranean was conceived. You Italian Albanians are the epitome of reunification with Europe.

You are the main communicators of the 2 shores of the Adriatic. You are the greatest power to return the old Arberia and the new Albania to the bed of European citizens. You, yesterday's Albanian immigrants and equal citizens, are Albanian pride for a mission of unification with democratic Europe" , said Rama, among other things.