When justice knocks on his door, he will say: "Look, I'm out of my mind!"

2024-04-12 14:31:37Politikë SHKRUAR NGA ARDIT RADA
Ilir Meta

Ilir Meta has started his political renaissance with surprising acts. Although he believes that they provoke public debate, in fact they have all ended up at the level of memes. Sometimes dubbing, sometimes retouching, Meta's footage of the dog Darko in Bosnia and bathing in the sea did not convey any political message, something for which he receives his salary here for many years. While as a former president he shook Darko, splashed in the sea and climbed the mountains, now in the opposition without any mandate he has deepened the wonders. However, he seems to have found his obsession with an iron where he has stuck at least twice, not counting the times he has tried.

The high-level politician sometimes goes out among the trees quoting stale popular sayings and confusing Vlora with that thing (as he said, April-May Vlora should not be separated). Sometimes with a donkey or an animal that comes in front of him. Basically, Ilir Meta is giving the panorama of a politician who above all is documenting irresponsible actions, without political messages and useless for social seriousness.

The only occasion he had to give any political message was the protest in front of the Municipality of Tirana. Even there, he jumped from branch to branch as in the videos he distributes day by day accusing the Guard of the Republic. In short, Ilir Meta used an entire anti-corruption protest to declare that he had fired the bodyguards given to him by law as a former president because he suspected that they were Edi Rama's spies. The average Albanians found in the protest applauded him for this extraordinary decision and he broke the thorn to film the next clip at the parallel overlooking Tirana.

Ilir Meta received a message from his wife a day ago. Monika Kryemadhi, while waiting for her mother to come out of SPAK after 6 hours, turned to Olta Xhaçka with a despair: "Sometimes, Olta women, I become meat for balls, for men".

It rarely happens that Kryemadhi speaks in the Assembly, but yesterday there were two problems: After 6 hours at SPAK, Mama's cell phone was also taken away. While her husband was hanging like a monkey on a palm tree in the morning, even though they are all the change of power that he has consumed.

The essence of this picture is clear to some extent. What has not been officially analyzed are the reasons why Ilir Meta is accelerating his irresponsible actions. It looks like he can't wait for the day to come so he can post his next craziness. Imitation of the "Rama 98-2005" style? It is too late to tempt power with feigned extravagance. But surely all of these, from the 11 litters of the cat Sasha, to the dog Darko, the donkey, are parallel for film rehearsals. When those who are initially terrorizing the wife's family knock on the door, tell them: I have proof, I have not been well!