ENCODED MESSAGES between the couple, is Ilir Meta handing over Monika Kryemadhi to SPAK: "Karma is a bitch Olta"!

2024-04-12 10:36:12Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi couple

For a long time, the couple Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi have not been living in their best days, due to several files that have been opened in SPAK, regarding their activities during the time they were in power, but also doubts related to wealth.

But this battle in SPAK seems to have affected the life of the couple, not only in the party but also in the family, while more and more people are talking about a conflict between the two.

The boiling point was yesterday, when Monika Kryemadhi gave a coded message from the floor of the Assembly, while her mother was interrogated for 5 hours by the Special Prosecutor's Office.

Expressing regret for the use being made of Olta Xhaçka by the majority, Kryemadhi also gave a message to himself. She said that women are often used as cannon fodder for men, implying in a way that the next victim of this expression could be herself.

"I am sorry as a woman that we women are used as cannon fodder for men. But karma is a bitch Olta, and what we sow we will reap", said Kryemadhi, who has the shooting much further away than the Assembly hall.

Perhaps the voice has gone to the hills where he runs or to the gyms where Ilir Meta exercises, that in recent days he appears more sporty than ever, while many question his stability.

The rift between the two has started for some time, while a few days ago it was reported that there was a conflict between Meta and Kryemadhi in the offices of the Freedom Party.

The former president had screamed at his wife that with his expensive clothes, he had "evoked SPAK in their offices and home".

But this is not the only collision! Even during Kryemadhi's birthday, Meta was content with a few words, much less than what she wrote about Mother Selvina, who celebrated her 100th birthday on the same day.

The media voice writes that the investigations of the Special Prosecutor's Office, regarding the wealth of the former presidential couple, are progressing significantly, and for this yesterday, the testimony of Kryemadhi's mother was also requested.

The latter claims that she has transferred large sums of money to her daughter, from the sale of 13 apartments, in a building built in the area of ??Astir, where Kryemadhi's parents were the owners of the land.

Even Kryemadhi's mother does not expect good days for her daughter, since in the message before SPAK, apart from expressing her pride for the PL deputy, she said that she would stay by her side, whatever happens.

Imagining the worst... 'I'm proud of the daughter I have, even if I don't know how...' Kryemadhi's mother said after leaving the prosecutor's office. 

But if the mother has chosen and expressed that she will stay in the arms of Kryemadhi, in whatever situation she is in, Ilir Meta does not promise much security, at least with her recent behavior and actions.