'Anticorruption'/ Xhafaj gathers the technical secretariat of the Commission, the 7 institutions that will appoint experts

2024-06-18 14:27:44Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Anti-Corruption Commission

After the constitution of the Special Parliamentary Committee for Good Governance, Rule of Law and Anticorruption, today the core part of the Technical Secretariat of this committee held a meeting near the Assembly. 

Under the leadership of the chairman, Fatmir Xhafaj, several tasks related to the organizational work of the commission and the implementation of the decisions that were taken at its first meeting were assigned.

The Secretariat is preparing the documents that will be sent to the independent institutions that are created and report to the Assembly (People's Advocate; State High Control; Public Procurement Commission; High Inspectorate of Declaration and Control of Assets and Conflict of Interest; Financial Supervision Authority; Competition Authority; Statistics Institute), to determine the experts and representatives who will work with the 3 subgroups of the Special Commission: Good Governance, Rule of Law and Anticorruption.

Likewise, there will be official requests from the commission for civil society organizations, public and private academic institutions, as well as an invitation for international organizations for cooperation, assistance and expertise.