"Son of Beler, CANDIDATES for Himar Municipality"

2024-06-18 13:31:44Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Petro and Fredi Beleri

"Beler's son will be a candidate for Himar Municipality"

This is what the secretary of "Omonia" Marin Suli claimed, who was invited today to Breaking with Fiori Dardha on Top News.

He said that in the next elections, Fredi Beleri will be on the ballot again, but with a legal trick, his son, Petro, will run.

" At the peak of the tourist season, Himara is choked with garbage. Himara has destroyed roads. Himara is unmanaged.

Himara is led today by a young man who a year and a half ago we defeated him with a vote within the democratic rules and is led today by that man who we reported on the basis of the KLSH report, has abused 10 million Euro tenders, from our money.

Don't forget these things. And since you want an exclusivity, one of the main candidates could still be the name of Fredi Beller but with a legal artifice. Let his son run. So Mr. Rama will read Petro Dhionisios Alfred Beleris on the ballot ," Suli said.