NEGOTIATIONS / The agreement is reached: Keep Alibeu, give us Allajbeu!

2024-04-02 17:38:27Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Allajbeu, Bardhi and Berisha

TIRANA - Although he had sent Baz Gardhi to negotiate the triumph of the revolution with the socialists, the Doctor did not feel at ease. I Gjati had told him that he was ready to open the parliamentary investigative commissions for whatever he wanted, but the sudden admission had embarrassed him. Just like those toads who, after forbidding sweets for a week in a row, put ten kinds of pastries and chocolates in front of them and they lose their minds and don't know what to choose, even the Doctor felt perverted.

"But how did Rama accept the mask?" ", he asked himself, "after being a great deceiver".

As if that wasn't enough, the other reason why he felt like he was haunted was that Zeni had caught his attention for something in the past few days. In fact, the remark was apt.

"Look, father," the son had told him, "the revolution is going very well, because I saw Pim ?eka's polls. But there is a problem: We said that we will return the PD to the tracks of traditional right-wing conservatism, but we are losing ties with these layers!"


The doctor was stunned. He saw his son, but looked away because his shark eyes seemed to break his mind. Please explain this to me, he said. And Zeni, prepared for this matter, began to reason.

"It's falling short," he said, "because you see them from the top of the window, it's night and you can't see them well: Have you seen who comes to the evening gathering?" In addition to former ministers and MPs, there are some pabuksa who change once a month and some fandaksured actor who once played the role of a village idiot in a movie, and remembers that he became smart. The classic right is missing, the owners, the former functionaries, the Beylers... in short, those who cannot see the communists who came down from the mountain."    

The doctor was right. Even though he himself had come down from the mountain and been a lying communist for over 20 years, Zeni had it right. But even these anti-communists were out of the loop.

"Do you remember Alibeu?", he said to his son, "he was also a bey, also the nephew of a branded ballista, and persecuted. No matter the biography, no matter the education, no matter the last name, it was fixed for the DP. But he shook us, he went and did with the Anglo-Americans".

Zen's eyes lit up as the old man stepped into his path.

"Leave Alibeu, dad ," he said, "because he is a middle-class peasant." We have Allajbeu, a capitalist by name, he has almost as many millions as I do, he is fixated on the DP. Plus it comes from your sector, from medicine!"

The doctor interrupted: "He has the American hospital, he is with those who declared us non-women, I don't like it." If there was a Russian, or Indian, or Chinese hospital, things would change!"

But Zeni didn't let him continue.

"The hospital only has the name American mor bab, Allajbeu is our hand. Did I tell you that he helped me with the collection and export of blueberries in Gërdec? We have done a lot of work together. Even at the site of the explosion in the village, we built a fountain with cranberry juice."

The doctor seemed to run away. "Well, what do you suggest we do with this bey of health?" he asked.


A few minutes later, Baz Gardhi's phone rang.

"Mr. Gardhi, I am the Doctor. Look, when you talk to the husband of the ex-wife of Tjati, with Çuçe or how he is, tell him that there is no need to investigate the concessions of hemodialysis and health laboratories. Both of them together cost 28 million euros. We want to investigate the big corruption, tell him, not the pennies of that moron, Allajbeu. Did you hear that, Satan?”

"As the Doctor orders," replied the Fence from behind the fence.

Note: Patronageist is a pro-commission, anti-corruption satirical column