NEWS/ All those who agreed to sign are in prison, Rama: Now the tenders will be done by ChatGpt!

2024-02-14 23:44:40Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Long with Tonce in Dubai

TIRANA - Ministers ran out of blood when I Gati told them: I have a road to Dubai, at the World Governance Summit, who will come?

Everyone remembered Tiger's famous trip and his dinner in Dubai. Then some papers were signed with Alabar for the port of Durrës and then they ate goat meat in the restaurant of that Turkish cook who used to throw salt with his right elbow. Soon after, the decline began and it is known how the work of the Desert Tiger went.

Bella Ballukja had also been in Dubai at that time, but she had gained immunity in the eyes of Te Gjati, who promoted her to the status of the party's official witch. But this time, even the Witch avoided.

"Go, Mr. Prime Minister, go without worry," Bella told him with the tact that characterizes her, "here, I'm guarding the government like the eyes of my forehead until you return, sir."


But Edi - the Tall One - had trouble elsewhere. Therefore, he asked the ministers to find any of those deputy ministers who are ready to sign everything put in front of them. "I want to have two or three of them with me in Dubai, " he told Bella, "you never know what's in store for us there."

But Bella made it clear: All those who agreed to sign, with deputy ministers and directors, were either in prison, or under criminal prosecution, or had fled as nurses in Germany.

The Tall One gathered his wits and called Tony Blair.

"Tonçe, let's take a trip there from Dubai to talk about global governance," he said. But Toncja, like an old wolf, answered him:

"Come on, why don't we come? If you knew you wanted a signature, you won't get anything from me. Even those that you give me as an advisor, I have not declared."

"Come on Satan, we're not going to sign tenders, we're going to talk about virtual government," laughed Edi.


There in Dubai, I Gjati began to grind some valuable thoughts. He remembered again the Albanian inventor of CHAT Gpt, Mira e Murat Bënça from Progonati, who was the leader of artificial intelligence. Something had to be done. He was tired of the cyber attacks against the Albanian government websites, which he had presented to the ayatollahs of Iran, but which in fact made them unhappy customers with the tenders of ANKSI. Those pigs were not full.

He collected his mind. He appeared in front of the participants and declared:

"Albania will become a leader in virtual government. We have decided to do the tenders for incinerators, technology programs, roads, tunnels, hydropower plants, yacht ports, etc., with CHAT Gpt. In this way, there is no reason for anyone to be fooled, neither Ceti, nor Ulaj, nor Zam. We will all tell them: That's how the computer took it, brother. On the other hand, in this way we will not even need the signatures of deputy ministers and ministerial ministers who are afraid of going to prison. And what prison? With sauna, TV, wi-fi, Japanese kitchen and gym.

You mean, why does CHAT cost nothing? We have an advantage, that Mira of Murat Bënçës, who also has a partisan son, will give us the summer program, for the needs of the war. That's it!"

Tony Blair did not hold back. Out of enthusiasm, he burst into a long applause, which was supported by all the Arabs present.

One of the Arab ministers shook his hand personally: " I didn't understand the whole speech, but I liked that you mentioned that Mira's song, Byrek-byrek, O Usta Murat!"

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