Zhaklin Lekatari sends a message to "Big Love", openly expresses his support and "raises" this resident: You are a fighter with a champion mentality

2024-04-22 18:45:59Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Big Brother Albania Vip 3

Residents of the most famous house in Albania received numerous messages from family members, supporters and well-known personalities today. Meritoni was surprised by the former commentator of the second season of BBV, Zhaklin Lekatari, who showed her support for the resident.

Here is what she writes in the message sent through "Big Love":

"You deserve it, when manhood is put into question, you show even more manliness, being a man and not a player. Your game is very beautiful, but don't forget that in the end the winner is not virtual life but real life, the human life, your most beautiful part. I know you are not a stalker because your perfection in a woman is not of quantity but of quality. You are a warrior and warriors have the metallicity of a champion."

"I have you, my dear, I greet you very much. You are an example of a woman, girl, I hug you and I have a lot of love for you", replies Meritoni.

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