"I gave you a kiss good night my soul", Lorenci hugs Jori, what happened during the night in the suite?

2023-03-24 14:10:36Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Jori, Lorenci and Gerti won the secret mission from Big Brother. Two nights ago they had a mission to destroy the whole house and not show that they had done it.

The residents did not find exactly which of the residents had sealed the house like that, as a result, the group that had the mission was declared the winner.

Big Brother announced yesterday that if they won this mission, then they would have an advantage.

For this reason, Jori, since she was the only girl, had to choose between Gert and Lorenc, with which of them she would like to have dinner and sleep in the suite. She chose Lorenci.

Their stay in the suite was accompanied by a lot of harassment, at least from Lorenc's side.

Jori took some pillows and placed them in the middle of the bed, making a kind of equal separation, so that Lorenci would not cross the "limit" set by her.

The latter almost verbally harassed Jori the whole time, but Jori stood her ground from start to finish.