Jori, Lorenci and Gerti successfully completed the "ninjas" challenge, but only 2 of them gain the advantage

2023-03-23 20:51:24Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Jori Delli

The residents of BBV have discussed among themselves to decide who were the 'ninjas' of the house who destroyed the house during the night.

According to them, the 'ninjas' were: Jori, Kristi and Kiara, which they declared when they were asked by Big Brother. But the residents were wrong in their decision, as Big Brother informed them that the 'ninjas' who destroyed the house were Lorenci, Gerti and Jori.

This evening, Jori, Lorenc and Gerti were also informed of the advantage they have won, which was a dinner in the suite. But, the dinner was only for two of them and Jori had to choose one of the bags with whom he should have dinner.

The model said that she would organize a game for them and the one who won would have dinner with her, but this statement upset Gert, who said that he doesn't play games and left. After this moment, Jori chose Lorenci for the romantic dinner in the suite.