It clashed with Kristin, Robert Aliaj about Lorenci: As a 'chihuahua' that came from Afghanistan

2023-03-24 11:20:50Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Invited today to Wake-Up was Robert Aliaj, Kristi's father, resident of Big Brother VIP2.

Roberti has not spared criticism for the behavior of the residents and their language of communication, while he also had two words for Lorenci, who has often attacked Kristi these two days.

"There is a lot of laziness there, even for girls. I'm not talking names. At a certain point in the game, tensions must be reduced and a dialogue must be built. There is hatred there, because a new guy has come there, it's a guy who seems to have come from Afghanistan. I don't have it as a prejudice, but from the presentation. It looks like a chihuahua biting a pit bull," said Robert.